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Our target fish are brown trout (Salmo trutta) and grayling (Thymallus thymallus) in the chalk streams. Both are native European members of the Salmon family. In the winter we also target pike (Esox lucius), our ferocious top predator.

Depending on the river, chalk stream trout are in season from April/May to September/October and are fished for using upstream fly tactics. Rules and exact season dates vary from water to water. Some stretches allow the use of nymphs in summer, others do not.

In stillwaters we fish for stocked trout year round (rainbow, brown, tiger and spartic). We also fish for pike (winter only) and carp (summer only) on the fly.

Experience Fly Fishing in England

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A warm welcome to fly fishers from North America

North American clients are important to us at We Fly Fish. We’re delighted that increasing numbers of fly fishers from over the pond are finding We Fly Fish and choosing us to deliver an exceptional English fly fishing experience. We share our sporting heritage, important developments in modern fly fishing have crossed the Atlantic. Sure, we drive on the wrong side of the road and talk about ‘tucked half blood knots’ when you say ‘improved clinch knots’ but there is more that unites us than divides us. You gave us the Grey Wulff and Adams, we gave you the Pheasant Tail Nymph and Killer Bug.

We’ve fly fished with guides in North America and know the standards of fishing, guiding, and equipment you expect.

Our focus is on delivering memorable fishing experiences, whether you are just starting in fly fishing or have already built your skills and experience across the globe.

All of our We Fly Fish Pros are British, and have decades of fly fishing experience from our waters and around the world. They are all dedicated professionals, willing to help, share knowledge and go the extra mile to look after you. We know your time over here is precious, so we will use our knowledge and access to some of the best waters in the country to plan and deliver a five star fly fishing experience.

We Fly Fish Pros will deliver a fun fly fishing experience whether you are already an accomplished fly fisher or a newcomer to our wonderful sport.

If you are a beginner, you will be delighted to find that fly fishing immerses you in nature as you tune in to the environment and switch off from the digital deluge. You become more aware of the natural world when you go fly fishing, learning to observe and understand the behavior of your target species.You can be sure of a great introduction to the world of fly fishing with us.

If you have had some fly fishing experience you may already know that the chalk streams of Wessex are globally recognised as the birthplace of the modern sport of fly fishing. Only an hour by train from London, these legendary fisheries offer world class fishing in beautiful surroundings.

Here’s how Hardy Fishing, one of the oldest fly fishing tackle manufacturers describes the top chalkstreams.

‘The Test, Itchen and Hampshire Avon are the world’s most famous fly fishing rivers. Their crystal clear waters flow through the bands of subsurface chalk that run across southern England producing the internationally rare and unique phenomena – the chalkstream. As the rainwater soaks down slowly through the porous chalk geology under gravity, it is filtered and stored in these aquifers.

The water eventually emerges from the aquifers as a spring at the source, feeding the river system with very high quality water of a consistent temperature in both summer and winter. The alkaline water that flows in these chalk stream ecosystems is extremely fertile giving rise to an abundance of weed, invertebrates and of course salmon, trout and grayling.’


What to See, Do & Learn

Our guided days give you the chance to enjoy beautiful natural environments and wildlife across the country. You will learn about the ecosystems that our target species live in, and what they feed on. We will cover all aspects of fly fishing including casting, fly selection, and watercraft that will improve your success and enjoyment of this wonderful sport. Whilst you are fly fishing with us you will immerse yourself in nature and get the chance to see wildlife up close.

Fly Fishing – Guided Days

We listen to your requirements and customize each fishing trip to meet your needs. As well as recommending fishing locations that will be best for the time of year we will help you with advice on transportation and accommodation options to make your fishing trip a memorable part of your stay in England. Some of our waters are very private and not available to the public or other guide services.

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Holli (Oregon) with her first English chalkstream trout
Ilya (California) with an early season trout
Ilya (California) with an early season trout
Matt (New York) on his first day Euronymphing
Matt (New York) on his first day Euronymphing
‘Our family booked a guided day of fishing on the River Test for my brother’s 60th. My contact at We Fly Fish was so helpful and made it really easy to plan everything. My brother caught a lot of fish in an absolutely stunning part of the river and received coaching on his casting from his excellent guide. It was a wonderful way to celebrate his big birthday! I highly recommend We Fly Fish to anyone looking for a fly fishing experience.’
Fern (Ohio)

Epic Fly Fishing Experiences

We love to share our passion for the sport with our clients, and you will benefit from our deep understanding of our waters and how best to get to them. Your dedicated fly fishing Pro will plan and deliver an exciting and informative fly fishing excursion, taking into account your level of fly fishing experience and what you’d like to learn. We will provide all the flies and fly fishing equipment you need, and your fishing permit for the destination you choose.

Our Pros use top quality equipment from Hardy, Sage, Orvis, Loop and Snowbee.
Techniques range from classic upstream dry fly through to modern Euro nymphing approaches, depending on local regulations, fishing conditions and how you like to fish. Wading, bank and boat fly fishing are all available depending on the location.

Get in touch and see what’s possible when you’d like to get on the water.

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