Learn to fly fish

Learn to Fly Fish​​

Learn to fly fish with our licensed professional coach/guides who will give you a great start on your fly fishing journey. Our courses are designed to help you achieve your goals and safely have fun in the beautiful countryside of Surrey, Sussex and Hampshire. Whichever of our destinations you choose, when you learn to fly fish with us you will receive best practice coaching and guiding. We adapt our courses to meet your needs and conditions on the day,  and tailor the content to the species we are targeting. To help you learn to fly fish effectively we will show you how to select and assemble the equipment, cast and catch your fish. Our courses will give you an understanding of what the target species feed on, and how to select and fish appropriate flies that will appeal to them.

Gaining an understanding of the ecosystem is an essential part of learning to fly fish, understanding the behaviour of what the fish are feeding on helps us choose the right flies to use. Depending on the species, destination and season we might be imitating a small fish, or a fly blown onto the water or an insect hatching in the surface film.  Our lessons cover watercraft – how to read the water and understand the effect of temperature, wind and light on the behaviour of the target fish. Careful observation of the natural environment is essential, tuning in to what is happening under water and thinking how best to approach the conditions. 

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Fly Fishing for Beginners

Fly fishing sometimes appears daunting to beginners, there are some technical skills to learn in order to get going and a baffling variety of flies and equipment….where do you start?

At We Fly Fish our coaching for beginners assumes no prior knowledge. Our approach to fly fishing for beginners is to keep our lessons jargon free and gradually introduce different skills that will allow you to have fun and be able to fly fish independently. We use the CAST programme developed by the Angling Trust (the sport’s governing body in England) in our lessons which is designed to provide a progressive development plan for fly fishing skills appropriate to starters through to fully competent anglers, from CAST level 1 through to 6. If you have prior experience of angling in other disciplines we can build on this and help you transfer your knowledge to fly fishing.

Our coaching will give you a great start in fly fishing. Learning the basics correctly will save a lot of frustration and give you the building blocks to develop your fly fishing skills. Personal tuition from qualified professional fly fishing coaches is the best way to learn to fly fish for beginners, our learners are often surprised by how quickly they can learn to cast effectively and get into the sport.